quick module ‘IVF/ IUI abroad’

quick module ‘IVF/ IUI abroad’

You are a woman, 40+, who cannot be stopped. Not even by national borders when it comes to her pressing desire to have children.

You look for opportunities, even outside the domestic beaten track.

This is the essence of my quick module ‘IVF/ IUI abroad’

The fertility circuit extends far beyond national borders, with a huge range of possibilities due to many different legislations, cultures, offers and approaches.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should your baby dream be fulfilled further away from home:

  • you have been labeled as ‘no more options for treatment’ and want a second (third, fourth, etc.) opinion, where they dare to look beyond the well-trodden paths of tests and treatment plans
  • you want to do everything you can for that ‘last chance baby’: high-quality treatments in the very best clinics that specialize in a certain type of treatment (e.g. IVF with egg donation), a holistic approach, etc.
  • you do not allow options to be imposed on you that do not feel 100% right (e.g. an anonymous donor), you do not allow yourself to be limited by rules (e.g. age limits) that do not apply elsewhere
  • you expect people to respect your desire to have a child and not to portray you as ‘geriatric’
  • you no longer want to lose valuable time: no waiting times, higher chances of success through young donors and optimal matching with a donor
  • no psychological screening

But wow, this international fertility landscape is also such a complex maze!

I help you find a fertility clinic and/or sperm bank – and therefore new perspectives – abroad that feels “spot on” to you. And – most importantly – it brings you closer to your baby dream.

Our short collaboration allows you to make a shortcut in your search process.

This is how it works

This quick module offers you indispensable (background) information that neither Mr. Google neither your fertility clinic in your own country tell you.


 quick module  ‘IVF/ IUI abroad’



1 individual sparring session- live or video call 

+ 1 short follow-up session- video call 

We discuss your struggles, wishes and values.
Based on this, I will provide you with direct contact details of reliable persons from my international network of fertility clinics, sperm banks, etc.

We conclude this in a short follow-up session, in which we go over what steps you have already been able to take with that information.



7/7 WhatsApp- / e- mail support

Between the coaching session and the follow-up session (max. 1 month) you can continuously ask me questions, e.g. any additional information.

Send me a WhatsApp or e- mail and I will answer you the same day



valuable checklist with questions 

TWhat should you definitely ask the fertility clinic(s) you will be talking to?

I will provide you with the most complete checklist with questions to guide you, including many that you would never have thought of yourself.


your possible partner can participate at no extra investment  

Are you part of a couple? You choose whether you participate together or alone. The investment is the same.



Would you like to continue working together afterwards on the other struggles of this journey towards a baby?

That’s  possible in my  1:1 coaching module ’40+ child wish’.


A world of possibilities

This is what this quick module gives you:


  • It opens a door to new hope. You feel the power of new perspectives flowing.
  • You really have the feeling this fertility clinic is the right choice. You feel surrounded by the right people there, with the right knowledge. As a result, you dare to relinquish control and surrender to the process with confidence.
  • You take a shortcut because you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.
  • You will not lose any more valuable time, which is worth its weight in gold to you as a successful 40+ woman.
  • You no longer have to wonder: shouldn’t I have done better…?
  • You feel that positive vibe again, which is so important to receive your desire.

The investment for this quick module ‘IVF/IUI abroad’ is 300 euros.

Will we soon find the fertility clinic where you dare to dream again?

As soon as I receive your answers below, I will send you possible dates to schedule the coaching session.

[There’s no free match call for this quick module]