coaching module ‘egg and/or sperm donation’

coaching module ‘egg and/or sperm donation’

You are a successful woman, 40+, who is considering egg donation and/or sperm donation in her race against time to become a mother (again). As part of a couple or as a single.

On the outside, everyone sees a power lady who has just about everything her heart desires: a top job, an exciting life, great friends, a nice home,…

But that is in sharp contrast to what you feel on the inside: pain and longing, to have a (next) child .

Do you recognize any of this? I would love to be your personal mentor and sparring partner in this vital decision-making process.

This coaching module is the crème de la crème in guidance during the step towards donor conception (egg donation, sperm donation, double donation, embryo donation).

It is the most complete and fine-tuned coaching available on this subject internationally.

This is the essence of the 1:1 coaching module ‘Egg and/or sperm donation’

Get into that special vibe where

  • your choices about your child wish really feel good, you fully support your story and you no longer feel resistance in your head
  • fears, doubts and the urge for control shift into trust and surrender, you dare to listen to your feelings for the first time in a long time
  • you see and feel options again and a burden falls off your shoulders

That vibe is incredibly powerful! And indispensable to allow your wish to come to you!

This is what this very personal guidance of (max.) 4 months does to you.

We work on 3 layers: the common threads through the program. We place accents according to the story.

Layer 1: yes or no?

Are you going to let your desire flow or not? Are you fully committed  to motherhood (again)? At this point in your life? Through egg and/or sperm donation? Maybe as a single?

What are you looking for in your child wish? (giving meaning to your life?, passing on your genes?, fitting in socially?,…) Do you dare to make this heart’s desire bigger than your rational doubts? What “noise on the line” cuts you off from your desire?

In this layer you will be

  • feeling your deep longing for a child and merge with it through a visualization exercise
  • digging into your different layers of doubts about yourself, motherhood, your (lack of) a relationship, donor conception
  • looking at your struggle as part of a bigger picture, with its own patterns and injuries: your family system
  • grieving  about your ideal picture and about underlying layers of grief such as pregnancy loss, an abortion, failed fertility treatments, a breakup
  • look from different points of view: yours, but also that of your future child, your possible partner/ relationship, your possible other children

Layer 2: if yes, then how?

Which way is right for you in the overwhelming maze of possibilities?

Where are the options, places and people to realize your wish, which feel like “spot on” to you? Because only then do you dare to relinquish control and surrender to the process in full confidence.

In this layer you will be

  • broadening your view and, above all, no longer go along with options that do not feel 100% right
  • reflecting on crucial questions: What kind of donor (anonymous, open profile, known) do you want? How much information do you want from the donor? When do you want this information? What role do you want to play in the selection of the donor? Which fertility centre or sperm bank (domestic or abroad)  can you go to based on your values and preferences?
  • looking for fertility clinics, sperm banks, countries, doctors, donors with whom you feel a connection; possibly enter into an exploratory conversation with a donor/ a fertility clinic/ a sperm bank

You can count on my knowledge and network every step of the way: I will put you in touch with fertility clinics, sperm banks or other institutions and will be happy to prepare the conversations with you.

Layer 3: the future of your child, what next?

Your future child will be the most important thing in your life! Of course you want the very best for this child.

How do you ensure that your future child will also be happy with the choices you are making at this moment?

In this layer  you will be

  • fully supporting your choice and preventing your child from feeling any remaining doubts that you have and carrying them unconsiously
  • looking from the point of view of your future child: how will it be for him or her?
  • reflecting on the place of the donor in your future story
  • making a plan about if, who, how, when to talk to about this
  •  reflecting on your child’s possible search for the donor(s): what are the options later on for your child to find the donor(s)- even if the donor was anonymous- and how do you react as a parent?

This is how it works

This module contains the essentials that you really need to make a decision, in this crucial turning stage of your life. No more, but certainly no less than that.

No indefinite number of sessions, no dozens of ‘masterclasses’, no ‘toolbox’, no complex online learning platform… Just to-the-point, efficient, in-depth and with eye for the best quality.

Because your time and energy are precious, right?



 1:1 coaching module ‘Egg and/or sperm donation’

(max.) 4 months


 5 individual coaching sessions- live or video call ( 5x 90 minutes)

We schedule these 5 sessions according to your pace, over a period of maximum 4 months.

Don’t expect dry conversations. We get to work with challenging reflection questions and coaching tools to bypass your ratio and go to your feelings and subconsciousness. For example an enlightening family constellation.

Set of inspiration sheets, with my personal feedback

The programme is not just a series of separate sessions. You will receive inspiration sheets with in-depth exercises that you can use between sessions. I choose those sheets very strategically and selectively, tailored to what you really need.

I analyze your outcome in advance. Because of what we do in between, we start each session with a big head start and explore more thorougly

7/7 Whatsapp-/ E- mail  support

I a not only there for you during the 3 sessions, there is much more. Are you having questions or a difficult moment, do you want to ask feedback about the in- depth exercises?… I will be there continuously for up to 4 months as a coach and sparring partner.

Send me a WhatsApp or e- mail and I will answer you within a day.

This is your safe harbour where you can always go with everything.




Audio recording visualisation exercise

This visualisation exercise touches you deeply and creates  a big shift in your decision process in hardly 20 minutes.

You can listen to it every time you need it again, to feel that powerful energy of desire flowing again.


Your (possible) partner can participate in the programme at no extra cost

You choose whether you participate together or alone.

If you have a known donor, he/she is more than welcome too.


Need support in later stages of your process? You can always count on me again, with the 1:1 coaching module ’40+ and child wish’.


The most important decision of your life at your fingertips

    • You don’t lose any more precious time, which is priceless to you as a 40+ woman!
    • You feel the power of new possibilities flowing. You make a decision and you support it 100%. You no longer block your desire.
    • There is peace of mind: you can get on with your life.
    • If you have a partner, tension reduces in your relationship once the decision has been made. If you are single, you can start dating again at your own pace, without having to screen every date as a potential (biological) parent
    • You now also dare to stand behind that choice with the people around you. What a relief!
    • You know that you have done everything you can to make a 100% conscious choice and not miss any opportunities. You prevent doubts from overpowering you later on or regretting that you did not explore this path thoroughly.


I work with a maximum of 10 women (with or without a partner) at the same time on their greatest soul desire. This way you get my full time and attention, both during and in between our meeting moments.

This 1:1 coaching module  ‘Egg and/or sperm donation’ costs 1950 euros.

Do you feel that you no longer want to investigate this issue on your own? Then let’s meet online in a free match call.

Yesssss, let’s talk in a free match call


I was able to choose for egg donation by looking more mindly at myself and the situation.

I was struggling with the question: ‘May I want to choose for egg donation?’ I thought it was partly my own fault because I had not reflected about my desire to have children in time.

Independently of that, I struggled with ethical questions and questions of meaning: how far can I go in stretching possibilities?, where are my limits?, what with our age?, …

The difference in desire between me and my partner also played a role.

By going through this coaching programme, I have dared to shine my light on my desire, that was covered with many layers of fears and opinions.

I also came to a fundamental understanding of myself: I easily identify myself with the ‘victim’, the person to whom things happen, the one who is more ‘debtless’ then the perperprator who makes sure who gets what he wants and dares to be guilty.

The moment I got the image of egg donation as a gift dat I could give myself, a lot of things started to move. If there are fears, I return to his image and I think: this is ok, I can give myself this gift!

Also the family setup, with the future child and the donor, had a lot of impact. My conclusion was: as long as love is the guiding principle, it’s ok. I am still clinging to that.

I was able to choose for egg donation by looking more mindly at myself and the situation. In difficult moments, I can go back to those insights and bring my desire back to mind, and this brings me back to track


Viki helped me see the reality of egg donation: a courageous step that requires continuous attention, before and after the birth of a child.

Daniëlle (46)

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