premium programme

premium programme

Are you a driven woman, 40+, who, in her race against time to become a mother, has to deal with sperm donation and/or egg donation?

On the outside, everyone sees a power lady who has everything her heart desirezs.

But that is in contrast to what you feel inside:

the pain and the desire to choose for yourself and for a (next) child.

Do you recognize this?

I would love to be your personal mentor and sparring partner!


This is the essence of my premium programme.

Get into that special vibe where you can féél concerning your child wish:

  • the story is  right for me this way
  • I no longer feel resistance
  • fears, doubts and the urge for control shift into love, trust and surrender
  • I feel much happier and a lot lighter again
  • I get into a flow that feels liberating


That vibe is incredibly powerful! And indispensable to allow your wish to come to you and to be able to realize it at lightning speed!

This is essentially what I’m working towards with you in my premium program.

We work on 3 layers, which are the common threads through the program. We place accents according to the story.

Layer 1: yes or no?

Are you going to let your desire flow or not? Are you fully committed  to motherhood (again)? At this point in your life? Through egg and/or sperm donation? Maybe as a single?

What is your desire for a child? Do you dare to connect with it? Or what ‘line noise’ cuts you off?

In this layer you are going to:

  • feel your deep longing for a child and merge with it through a visualization exercise
  • dig into your different layers of doubts about yourself/ motherhood/ your (lack of) a relationship/ donorconception
  • look at your struggle as part of a bigger picture, with its own patterns and injuries: your family system.
  • enter into your grieving process, about your ideal picture (a genetically own child with your dream partner), and about underlying layers of grief
  • look from several perspectives

Layer 2: if yes, then how?

Which way is right for you in the overwhelming maze of possibilities?

Where are the right options for you, the right places and the right people to realize your wish? Because that is where new perspectives and new energy arise.

In this layer you are going to:

  • broaden your view and, aboven all, no longer go along with options that do not feel 100% right
  • reflect about crucial questions: what kind of donor or donors’ profile (anonymous/open/known) will you choose? what information do you want from the donor? what role will you play in the selection of the donor? which fertility centre/which country can you go to based on your values and preferences?…
  • look for places and people with whom you feel a connection;  enter into an exploratory conversation with a known donor / a fertility center / a sperm bank…

I hereby apply all my background knowledge and network.

If necessary, I can  be of very practical assistance by putting you in contact with centres, experts or organisations and by helping you prepare for meetings.


Layer 3: the future of your child, what next?

At this moment, you still feel resistance. Because it is complex. But if you choose to go for a (next) child, your heart will be overflowing with love. Without any doubt.

So of course you want that your child willl have the happiest life. And that you will have a close connection with each other.

Wat is needed for your future child to be completely happy with the choices you are making now?

In this layer  you are going to:

    • stand firmly in this story as a (future) mother and avoid that your child unconsiously carries doubts for you
    • look from the perspective of your future child
    • reflect on the place of the donor in the story
    • make a plan about if/ who/ how/ when to talk to about this
    •  reflect on your child’s possible search for the donor: what is possible and how do you react as a parent?

This is what the premium programme includes specifically.

This program contains the essentials that you really need to make a decision about your desire to have children, in this crucial turning phase of your life. No more, but certainly no less than that.

No indefinite number of sessions, no dozens of ‘masterclasses’, no ‘toolbox’, no complex online learning platform… Just to-the-point, efficient, in-depth and powerful.

Because your time and energy are precious, right?



 premium child wish programme

3 + 3 months


 1 individual starting moment – live or videocall (1x 2h)

3 individual breakthrough moments- live or videocall (3x 1,5h)  

3 Individual reinforcement moments-  videocall (3 x 30 minutes)

In the first 3 months of the program we work intensively towards a decision. You use the starting moment and the breakthrough moments for this.

But this is not just a quick fix. It needs to consolidate. You must be able to ‘carry’ the decision and also to realy take steps.

In the next 3 months I will therefore remain on standby. You use the reinforcement moments to prevent your process from stagnating or falling back and to make the foundation of your decision even more strong. I can also assist you practically in taking steps.

You can get the recording of every video call.


Set of inspiration sheets, with my personal feedback

Your process also continues between our meeting moments!

You will get started during the first 3 months with a valuable set of inspiration sheets  with in-depth reflection exercises. I strategically select the inspiration sheets that are essential for you, tailored to your story. This way you achieve a maximum result with a minimum of material.

You always receive my personal feedback.


7/7 Whatsapp-/ E mail  support
Do you need extra support, do you have questions, a difficult moment,… During a total of 6 (3+3) months I am there for you as a sparring partner and a sounding board. Send me a Whatsapp message and I will answer you quickly.

Consider this a safe harbor where you can always go. This is worth its weight in gold.




BONUS 1: Audio recording visualisation exercise
This visualisation exercise touches ypu deeply an gives you a big shift in your decision process in hardly half an hour.


BONUS 2:  Your (possible) partner can participate in the programme at no extra cost
Do you have a partner? He/she is very welcome to go through the program with you (partially or completely), without me charging this as partner conversations. (no pressure, on the other hand)

After this 3+3 months premium programme you can still count on me if you wish! I would be happy to join you in a follow-up program.

A follow-up program ensures that you can still come to me with doubts, questions and emotions and that you do not fall back into old patterns and pitfalls.


This is the end result.

  • You are not losing any more precious time! These years of your life are worth their weigth in gold in terms of your child wish and you grab them! New perspectives arise.
  • You have taken a liberating decision in whichever direction and feel alignement! A positive flow arises throug which your wish can come to you.
  • You feel peace of mind. You can get on with your life now!
  • If you are in a relation, it works most liberating for you as a couple that you made a decision.
    If you are single, you can start dating again now are later on  without seeing every date as a potential (biological) parent.
  • And with respect to those people in your immediate surroundings you now dare to stand firmly behind that choice. What a relief!
  • Looking to the future, you know that there is no blame: you did everything you could to make a 100% heartfelt and conscious choice and to not overlook any options. You are preventing doubts from overwhelming you at a later date.
  • You have a clear plan of action, in the short and long term.


Each month,  3 women (if they wish: with their partner) can join this premium programme. This way I can fully focus on my wonderful clients and give them my full attention, both during and between the mentor moments.

If all this resonates with you, let us meet online in a free match call!

Yes, let’s talk in a free match call.


I was able to choose for egg donation by looking more mindly at myself and the situation.

I was struggling with the question: ‘May I want to choose for egg donation?’ I thought it was partly my own fault because I had not reflected about my desire to have children in time.

Independently of that, I struggled with ethical questions and questions of meaning: how far can I go in stretching possibilities?, where are my limits?, what with our age?, …

The difference in desire between me and my partner also played a role.

By going through this coaching programme, I have dared to shine my light on my desire, that was covered with many layers of fears and opinions.

I also came to a fundamental understanding of myself: I easily identify myself with the ‘victim’, the person to whom things happen, the one who is more ‘debtless’ then the perperprator who makes sure who gets what he wants and dares to be guilty.

The moment I got the image of egg donation as a gift dat I could give myself, a lot of things started to move. If there are fears, I return to his image and I think: this is ok, I can give myself this gift!

Also the family setup, with the future child and the donor, had a lot of impact. My conclusion was: as long as love is the guiding principle, it’s ok. I am still clinging to that.

I was able to choose for egg donation by looking more mindly at myself and the situation. In difficult moments, I can go back to those insights and bring my desire back to mind, and this brings me back to track


Viki helped me see the reality of egg donation: a courageous step that requires continuous attention, before and after the birth of a child.

Daniëlle (46)

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