YES OR NO?- VIP programme 1

YES OR NO?- VIP programme 1

You are faced with a huge dilemma: are you going to follow through on wanting to have a child through sperm donation and/or egg donation? YES OR NO?

You cannot allow yourself to procrastinate any longer in taking the plunge. It is now or never!


In this VIP programme, we work towards a clear YES or a clear NO concerning sperm donation and/or egg donation.

We will leave behind your story of facts and scenarios with which you are very familiar by now, you are completely stuck.

Time for a change!


I know from expertise that certain aspects can be in the way off this decision.

We will have to deal with them to reach a breakthrough.

We look for the ‘puzzle pieces’ that are important to you, and fit them together.


  • Puzzle piece 1: Desire vs fear
  • Puzzle piece 2: Everbody on his own place in the bigger picture
  • Puzzle piece 3: Loss as part of your story
  • Puzzle piece 4: Strong self- esteem
  • Puzzle piece 5: What is still missing?





What does the VIP programme 1 provide you with?

You are not losing any more precious time!

You have stopped procrastinating and have prevented time from deciding for you!

These years of your life are worth their weigth in gold in terms of your childwish, grab them!


You have finally reached a BREAKTHROUGH, a SHIFT!

You have taken a liberating step in whichever direction: the result may be a resounding ‘yes’ or a resounding ‘no’, but both are equally valuable!


You now have peace of mind, you have clarity.

The plunge has been taken  and it feels like a positive choice.


You feel faith in the future again.

You have built a firm foundation for  a life- changing decision and a happy familiy.


You suddenly feel much less chronic stress, including physical discomfort.


If you are in a relation, it works most liberating for you as a couple that you made a decision.

If you are single, you can start dating again with a clear story and without seeing every date as a potential (biological) parent.


The energy that was absorbed before this ‘plunge’ will now be applied to something else.

It will begin to “flow” again.

You will make choices again about other aspects in your life that were blocked because of your dilemma (relations, your home, etc.)


And with respect to those people in your immediate surroundings – those whom you find to be important – you now dare to stand firmly behind that choice.

What a relief!


Looking to the future, you know that there is no blame: you did everything you could to make a 100% heartfelt and conscious choice.

That awareness will give you peace of mind.

You are preventing doubts from overwhelming you at a later date.


In the event of a “yes”, I can continue to support you as a coach in wanting to have a child making use of my VIP- programme 2- ‘Yes, but NOW WHAT’.

With “no” as an answer, I could possibly refer you to someone within my network of coaches for a further interpretation of your path that is just as important.


I now stand 100% behind my choice.

I was stuck worrying about possibly becoming a single mother. Very practical: combining it with a job and hobbies, financially, etc. I was also confronted with the major dilemma: am I still going to wait for a partner or not?

Viki helped me to face reality (I don’t have the time to wait anymore, I cannot delay making a decision any longer), to look within myself, to convert my worries into opportunities, to see my desires and not only my fears.

At times it was very confrontational and emotional, but I was given the tools I needed and the odd push here and there to take the plunge myself in a safe environment.

I am glad I followed this programme because I am now ready to take that step and stand 100% behind my choice to have a child on my own.



Read more stories from clients here.



VIP- programme 1




1250 euros



Intensive 1-1 guidance

(worth 900 euros)

  • package of 6 hours of individual mentoring

 We use these hours as appropriate for your story.

An enlightening family setup is included.(worth 150 euros)

We meet live or by videocall or a combination.

  • whatsapp- support 7/7

Do you need extra support, do you have questions, a difficult moment, do you want feedback concerning the outcome of the extra tools (see bonus 1)?

I am always there for you during the programma via whatsapp! This is worth its weight in gold, is the feedback I always get from my cliënts.



BONUS 1: valuable book of inspiration

(worth 165 euros)

Get started at home with  this booklet with extra tools, which I select strategically as  appropriate for your story.


BONUS 2: visualisation exercise

(worth 65 euros)

Listen the audio recording of this exercise, it will have big impact.



(worth 120 euros)

I invite you to the Q&A session which I organise every 2 months with my clients (videocall).

Ask all your questions to me and other cliënts or just listen in. It is an advantage that you can get to know others in a similar situation!

You can have further contact with each other in my closed Facebook group (only for my clients), to which I give you acces.


I want to offer you optimum quality and change.

That cannot happen if I offer assembly line coaching.

Each month I am glad to be able to make room for max. 5 new cliënts.


What is the investment in yourself?

You pay in two instalments: 685 euros each


Or you pay one lump sum of 1250 euros.






    I would like to invite you for a free introductory meeting with no strings attached. Welcome!

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