Yes, but NOW WHAT?- VIP programme 2

Yes, but NOW WHAT?- VIP programme 2

You have made a major decision: yes, you are going to go all out for motherhood through spermdonation and/ or eggdonation!

How impressive that you made a decision!

Naturally, now you want to make your wish come true as quickly as possible!


But now you find yourself in a mind-boggling maze of possibilities, emotions and questions.


It is also possible that you have come a long way but that you must re-examine that road and/or go through another emotionally difficult period.


To help you with this, I would like to walk with you on your journey to wanting to have a child.

This personal coaching programme assumes that your YES for motherhood through donorconception feels  right, for example after you have gone through my “YES OR NO?”- VIP programme 1


We will tailor this programme completely to your needs!




What do you get out of the VIP programme 2?

You avoid getting “stuck” and losing valuable time.

This is important because your biological clock is ticking!

These years of your life are worth their weight in gold in terms of your childwish, grab them!


You are not alone in the confusion of possibilities, emotions and questions (also practical and legal nature) and that gives you peace of mind.

We take you along the fast route to motherhood.



We convert your desires and values into a very specific action plan.

This prevents you from agreeing to options that do not feel 100% right due to lack of information and insight.

By applying my background knowledge and network, I save you a complex search and you gain time!


I unburden you by guiding you in the maze of options: 

What kind of donor or donors’ profile (anonymous/open/known) will you choose? Or do you prefer co- parenthood?

What information do you want from the donor?

What role will you play in the selection of the donor?

Will you collaborate with a fertility centre and/or sperm bank?

At home or abroad?

Which fertility centre/which country can you go to based on your values and preferences?

What will it be like in practice?

How do you begin a dialogue with a fertility centre or sperm bank?

How do you begin a dialogue with a known donor/co-parent? Should a donor contract be drawn up?



If necessary, I can continue to be of very practical assistance.

…I can put you in contact with centres, experts or organisations./
…I can accompany you to a meeting with a potential known donor./
…I can help you prepare for meetings./


Any advice from your (fertility) doctor will be used as a starting point; naturally: I never give medical advise.


Armed emotionally in the battle

Your path to motherhood – up to and including your pregnancy – is intense.

I offer you support so that you can survive emotionally while on this rollercoaster.


You learn to cope more consciously with your stress and emotions and to build resilience.

This is important, as you can better avoid a body under chronic stress if you want to become pregnant.

If only for your peace of mind.


When support is most needed (e.g. weeks of waiting, negative pregnancy test, loss, etc.), I will be there for you!


Practical support

There will also be a lot of issues that you will need to deal with.

As if you don’t have enough to think about.

I offer you an answer to all kinds of practical questions (e.g. about your rights and obligations as an employee in a fertility programme, the practical progress of treatments abroad, reimbursements, etc.).


I didn’t have to go for an anonymous donor, I am free to take another choice!

After a long and complicated history, I had finally decided to become a single mom. I thougt I would to do this with an anonymous sperm donor, I was already taking steps towards the medical proces. But in fact it felt difficult for me to do this. For that reason I started this coaching programme, for this grieving proces.

But during the coaching programme I started realising what makes it so difficult for me to choose for an anonymous donor.

And most of all, I learned that there are a lot of other choices! I didn’t have to go for an anonymous donor, I am free to take another choice! Viki showed me alternatives ways and my decision-making proces was broadened.

And then, to my surprise, I found a known sperm donor very quickly. This feels good.

It was very nice to work with somebody who works very specifically and unbiased around this subject.




Read more stories from clients here.


What does the VIP programme 2 include specifically?



VIP programme 2

YES, but HOW?


1200 euros

Intensive 1-1 guidance

(worth 900 euros)

  • package of 6 hours of individual mentoring

We use these hours as appropriate for your story.

An enlightening family setup is included. (worth 150 euros)

We meet live or by video call or combination

  • whatsapp- support 7/7

Do you need extra support, do you have questions, a difficult moment, do you have questions, do you want feedback concerning the outcome of the extra tools (see bonus 1)?

I am always there for you during the programme via whatsapp! This is worth its weight in gold, is the feedback I always get from my cliënts.


BONUS 1: valuable book of inspiration

(worth 180 euros)

Get started at home with this booklet with extra tools, which I select strategically as appropriate to your story.


(worth 120 euros)

I invite you to the Q&A session which I organise every 2 months with my cliënts (videocall).

Ask all your questions to me and other cliënts or just listen in. It is an advantage that you can get to know others in a similar situation!

You can have further contact with each other in my closed Facebook group (only for my clients), to which I give you acces.


I want to offer you optimum quality and change.

That cannot happen if I offer assembly line coaching.

Each month I am glad to be able to make room for 5 new cliënts.

What is the investment in yourself?

You pay in two instalments of 660 euros each.

Or you pay one lump sum of 1200 euros.






    I would like to invite you for a free introductory meeting with no strings attached. Welcome!

    Request your free introductory meeting here.