It is not because you are a successful woman of 40+,
that your desire to have children is written off

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You have it all… except that child wish fulfilled

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You are a successful 40+ woman.

You are professionally accomplished, as a manager / team leader / lawyer / judge / academician / doctor / top civil servant / expat / entrepreneur / politician / …

You seem to have a perfectly fulfilled life.
But that’s not how it feels for you. Because a gnawing passionate desire keeps you in its grip more and more: your (next) child wish!

You still have options. Whether you are part of a couple or single. But – reality check – it’s now or never.
And the options may not be mainstream: egg donation/ sperm donation/ double donation/ embryo donation/…

At that point your strong ratio takes over from your heart’s desire:
Can I have it all: a professionally successful life and motherhood? Isn’t this a selfish choice? Will my decision not make my future child(ren) unhappy? What if my partner does not support this? Or: can I do this alone?…

Moreover, it is not for you to spend hours Googling, browsing countless Facebook groups and free masterclasses,figuring it all out yourself,…. No time. No sense. And especially no result.

Are you going to let time decide for you?
Or are you going to call in an expert who will guide you emotionally and practically? So you no longer lose extremely valuable time and do not have to regret your decision afterwards. So you don’t drop out of your emotinally difficult fertility process?


I am Viki. I became a mom myself much later in my life than planned, after an intense process and having been labeled ‘treated out’.

I’ve stood where you’re standing right now, I know all too well the thoughts that race through your head.

I know that as an intelligent woman you don’t need anyone to make the decision for you.
You need someone who values you. Which takes you out of your rational loop of thoughts and brings you to your heart’s desire. And practically shows you the possibilities to make that happen.

Since 2017, as a professionally certified coach, I accompany dozens of women worldwide every year through their decision-making and follow-up process about their pressing desire to have children.

This is a life-size process, perhaps the most important of your entire life! Shall we dive in together?


More about me

This is how our journey goes

1:1 coaching programme ‘egg and/or sperm donation’- (max.) 4 months

Your biological clock is exploding.

In this tipping phase in your life, your desire to have children is calling louder than ever.

Do you fully opt for this wish? At this point in your life? Through sperm and/or egg donation? Maybe as a single?

In this programme you gain momentum, but we also build a solid foundation for this major decision.

Let’s refine this in 3 layers:

Layer 1: yes or no 

Layer 2: if yes: how?

Layer 3: the future: what’s next? 

Ticking biological clock but you are stuck going through mental circles?

In the free reflection book “Your desire to have children: how to avoid losing more precious time” I show you which tricks your brain sabotages you with.
Do you want to make that life changing decision regarding your child wish and egg and/or sperm donation?
Then read this reflection booklet and take the first step.


Download the free reflection book now.

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother!

“I was completely stuck in the decision process about becoming a single mother through double donation: how will I be able to take a responsible decision on my own?, can I handle being a single parent?, am I selfish?, can I choose for anonymous donation?, will I be able to reconcile my work with my single motherhood,…?

These were barriers I had not been able to cross, for years already (I am 45 in the meantime).

During this coaching programme I finally found the courage to no longer push aside my own desires.

This was in fact what I was already doing all my life, as part of old patterns.

But why would others may dream big and not me? Nonsense!

Throughout the programme I started to decide out of trust, no longer out of fear.

Now, I am already in a fertility treatment with a clinic abroad. My embryos will be transfered next month!

I finally FEEL: I can do this! I am really going to do this!

I can hardly believe it, because it didn’t seem possible for all these years..

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother! I wouldn’t be here yet without this coachingprogramme.

Peggy (45)

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