Who decides on you wanting to have a child? YOU or ... time?
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I coach you – single women with a very loud biological clock – to stand firmly behind your choice of wanting to have a child.

Are you going to go all out in your strong desire to be a mother? YES OR NO?

If you do want to pursue this, HOW should you proceed in concrete terms?


I am Viki Peeters, a coach for women who want a child and the mother of two fantastic sons.


I have a wall covered with professional coaching certificates but, even better, I also have a story of my own with years of experience in and crucial background knowledge about the world of wanting to have a child. I would love to use this combination to help you experience a breakthrough!

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You have succeeded in getting your life well organised. You have a great professional career. You are financially secure. You have a good social life. But … that one dormant wish only becomes stronger and stronger: you want to become a mother (again). And … you are single.

This desire to have a child is strong and convincing. Everywhere you look, you see women with pregnant bellies, glowing with happiness and the cutest babies, and each time it feels like a stab in your (maternal) heart. You think of your next birthday or the new year with horror because that means another valuable year has gone by. You prefer to avoid friends with children. You pour your heart into your work, sports, travelling, etc.

Or you still have doubts about wanting to have a child. It is such a huge decision! Would having a child suit you? And yet, you have this empty feeling if you think of life without having a child.

In any case: you feel your biological clock is ticking or exploding. You are nervous, even feel panicky at times.

And yet you cannot decide. You seem to be paralysed. You keep going in circles and can no longer think clearly.

Or maybe you have already taken an important step – you have already started on a course to become a mother or are already pregnant – but you still secretly wonder if you have made the right choice.

One thing is clear: something must change NOW! You know this because of the following “warning signals”.

  • You worry a lot. You weigh the pros and cons of scenarios, feeling lost. You wonder: is it the responsible thing to become a mother if you are single/at your age/with a donor/etc.? Your nightmare scenario is that you will later regret your irreversible choice. You find that existential questions have suddenly started to matter.
  • You feel sad that you must let go of your perfect ideal image – you, a partner and your love child or children – that you see all around you. At times you feel the odd one out and that gnaws at your self-esteem. So you do not always speak freely about wanting to have a child.
  • This paralysing effect is reflected in other aspects of your life as well: work/relationships/purchasing a house/travelling/etc. You begin to delay things because your future is so unclear. You date because time is pressing on and you want a child. You no longer enjoy life to the full because you have a lot on your mind. You worry about opportunities in your life that you pass over because of this.

And so: you decide to do it! You dare to examine wanting to have a child more closely! You are going to take that major plunge and come up with a plan, in whichever direction!

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VIP- programme


Stand firmly behind your choice!

You are faced with a huge dilemma: Are you going to follow through on wanting to have a child or not?

You cannot allow yourself to procrastinate any longer in taking the plunge.

It is now or never.

In this VIP programme we work towards arriving at a clear YES or a clear NO.

Personal coaching programme

YES, but NOW what?

A quick overview!

You have made a major decision: yes, you are going to go all out for motherhood!

Naturally, now you want to make your wish come true!

You find yourself in a mind-boggling maze of possibilities, emotions and questions.

With this personal coaching programme, I use my background knowledge and network to help you draw up a concrete plan of action and I coach you to keep you sane in this emotional rollercoaster.