Increase your chances of pregnancy
with the power of your mindset and energy

It is not because you are a successful woman of 40+,
that your desire to have children is written off
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You’ve got it all… but you’re missing a child

As a woman over 40 with a success mindset, you’ve achieved so much and your life seems perfect. But you feel an intense longing for a (first or next) child. It’s consuming you more and more.

Your previous attempts to get pregnant haven’t been successful, or you’ve experienced pregnancy losses. There are still options, even though they may not be mainstream (such as egg or sperm donation). It feels like now or never, and that brings enormous tension.

Will you remain stuck in this cramp of resistance, fear, and unsuccessful pregnancy attempts? Or will you choose to be guided by an expert who can teach you how to significantly increase your chances of pregnancy with the power of your mindset, energy, and aligned choices, in addition to your medical treatment?


I am Viki. I became a mother much later than planned, after a long and difficult fertility journey and being labeled ‘out of treatment options.’ I know exactly how you feel and what thoughts are running through your head.

Since 2017, I have been guiding women over 40 worldwide in their desire to have a child as a professionally certified coach. I have seen many of them become mothers after all and what it took to make that happen.

This is a life-defining process! Shall we dive into it together and make your last-chance baby dream come true?


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Coaching process

‘”Baby at 40+: from Desire to Reality”

Significantly increased chances of pregnancy
through the power of aligned choices, mindset, and energy


Your biological clock is ticking loudly!
At this stage of your life, your desire for a child is stronger than ever.

With this coaching programme, you’ll make a deep shift in your mindset and energy, significantly increasing your chances of pregnancy!

You will receive powerful coaching on mindset, guidance on making the right choices, and, if necessary, very practical support through the (international) world of fertility .

Your last-chance baby dream might be closer than you think!


Ticking biological clock but you are stuck going through mental circles?

In the free reflection book “Your desire to have children: how to avoid losing more precious time” I show you which tricks your brain sabotages you with.
Do you want to make that life changing decision regarding your child wish and egg and/or sperm donation?
Then read this reflection booklet and take the first step.


Download the free reflection book now.

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother!

Throughout the programme I started to decide out of trust, no longer out of fear.

I finally FEEL: I can do this! I am really going to do this!

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother.

Peggy (45)

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