I walk 40+ women through their decision and follow-up process regarding egg donation and/or sperm donation

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Are you ready to take your biggest life decision?

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You are a driven woman, 40+.

You want to make the most of your life – professionally and privately.

That great love for life also requires guts.
Courage to make existential life choices.
Which are not always mainstream and obvious.
Like, are you going to surrender to that one painful and powerful desire that has remained unfulfilled: another (next) child, experience motherhood (again)?

You are on a confusing tipping point in your life.
While your biological clock is ticking loudly.
It seems that you are dependent on sperm donation and/or egg donation (as a single or part of a couple) to fulfill that deepest desire.

Of course you also deeply wish for the most happy life for your future child.
That is a very heavy responsibility that you carry with you.
You wonder about the emotional impact of your decision on this child.
Now is the time for your most important – but also most complex – life decision!

I am Viki Peeters.
I became the mom of 2 beautiful childeren, after a difficult process and much later then I had planned it.
Now it’s my pleasure, as a professional certified coach and expert in this topic, to guide you in this process.

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3 months VIP programme

You are in a tipping phase in your life. A phase in which you urgently want to examine your own desires. Including your (next) wish for children.
Do you fully opt for this wish? At this point in your life? Through sperm and/or egg donation?
In this program you gain momentum, so that you don’t lose more valuable time.
We will build a solid foundation: yes or no – if yes: how? – the future: what’s next? In this decision you cannot afford to be shaky!

Ticking biological clock but you are stuck going through mental circles?

In my reflection book “Your desire to have a child: how to avoid losing more precious time!”, I show you which “tricks” your brain subconsciously apply to prevent making a decision about building a family through sperm and/or egg donation.

So you can finally start taking the first important steps in your decision process.

Download the free reflection book now.

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother!

“I was completely stuck in the decision process about becoming a single mother through double donation: how will I be able to take a responsible decision on my own?, can I handle being a single parent?, am I selfish?, can I choose for anonymous donation?, will I be able to reconcile my work with my single motherhood,…?

These were barriers I had not been able to cross, for years already (I am 45 in the meantime).

During this coaching programme I finally found the courage to no longer push aside my own desires.

This was in fact what I was already doing all my life, as part of old patterns.

But why would others may dream big and not me? Nonsense!

Throughout the programme I started to decide out of trust, no longer out of fear.

Now, I am already in a fertility treatment with a clinic abroad. My embryos will be transfered next month!

I finally FEEL: I can do this! I am really going to do this!

I can hardly believe it, because it didn’t seem possible for all these years..

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother! I wouldn’t be here yet without this coachingprogramme.

Peggy (45)

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