Mentoring for high achieving women with ticking biological clocks, facing sperm and/ or egg donation to build their family.

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Are you ready to make your most important life decision?

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You are a high achieving and seriously accomplished woman,
creating your most beautiful life and successful career.

But there is also…
a lode of painful and powerful yearning for a(nother) child,
that has kicked in with huge intensity.
You are in a desperate race against time,
your biological clock ticking as a bomb.

Moreover it seems you may have to consider sperm and/of egg donation (as single or as part of a couple) to experience the deeply meaningful experience of motherhood.

Are you going to allow yourself having it ALL in your life:
a life with both a fulfilling job and the love of a precious family with child(ren)?
It is now time for your most important and challenging life decision!


I am Viki Peeters.
I found this huge privilege in my own life, after a difficult process.
Now it is my pleasure, as a professional certified coach and expert in this topic, to guide you in this.

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3 months VIP programme

You can not allow yourself to procrastinate any longer in taking the plunge concerning your childwish. Are you going to fulfill this wish through sperm and/ or egg donation? How are you going to take action?

It is now or never!

In this programme we build a strong foundation for your decisions. We do this in 3 modules: yes or no?, how?, telling?.

That way we speed up your childwish and you gain the most precious time.

Ticking biological clock but you are stuck going through mental circles?

In my reflection book “Your desire to have a child: how to avoid losing more precious time!”, I show you which “tricks” your brain subconsciously apply to prevent making a decision about building a family through sperm and/or egg donation.

So you can finally start taking the first important steps in your decision process.

Download the free reflection book now.

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother!

“I was completely stuck in the decision process about becoming a single mother through double donation: how will I be able to take a responsible decision on my own?, can I handle being a single parent?, am I selfish?, can I choose for anonymous donation?, will I be able to reconcile my work with my single motherhood,…?

These were barriers I had not been able to cross, for years already (I am 45 in the meantime).

During this coaching programme I finally found the courage to no longer push aside my own desires.

This was in fact what I was already doing all my life, as part of old patterns.

But why would others may dream big and not me? Nonsense!

Throughout the programme I started to decide out of trust, no longer out of fear.

Now, I am already in a fertility treatment with a clinic abroad. My embryos will be transfered next month!

I finally FEEL: I can do this! I am really going to do this!

I can hardly believe it, because it didn’t seem possible for all these years..

I am finally on the verge of becoming a mother! I wouldn’t be here yet without this coachingprogramme.

Peggy (45)

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