Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived.

Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived.

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I am Viki, mother of 2 wonderful children.

I am very happy with my three men. Two of them are my sons.

The journey to this family bliss was long and steep.
It took me on paths that I never thought I would have to take. There were also a few cliff edges.

I often could not see for the fog. And a maze of paths caused me stress when I had to make choices.

Sometimes I stumbled under the heavy load I carried.
I dragged it along with me everywhere.

The entire expedition did end in success.
Thanks to much searching and navigating.
Thanks to a lot of falling and getting up again.

My oldest son was born when I was  36 and the youngest when I was 42.
The mountain was well worth the climb.

I would do it again.
But I would do it differently.
Because I learned a lot on my journey.

It can be shorter and faster, with better chances of success, if you know the route.

It was – and is – the most instructive expedition of my entire life. My children taught me a great deal, even before they were conceived.

I also have a 3rd child.

My 3rd child, that is my child wish coaching company.

I also put all my attention and love into it. And an important part of who I am.

  •  I am a rational and down-to-earth bolster, with a surprisingly sensitive and intuitive spirit.
  • The picture has to be right. Always. I am careful and fond of everything that stands for quality and is refined.
  • I love life and have an enormous urge for freedom. Above all, I long to live the life that suits me. They sometimes call me ‘a little quirky’.

This 3rd child was born in 2017. In the meantime it has grown and evolved.
It has acquired a very specific appearance and character:
I offer a mentoring program for driven women, 40+, who are considering sperm and/or egg donation to build their familiy.

By doing this, I put myself at #1 as an expert in this theme.
I am being asked for articles in the media (Marie-Claire, Flair, Goed Geluk, Ad. Nl)
and on well-known online platforms (Mama Baas),
and as a speaker for webinars, workshops, study days (foreign fertility clinics, expertise center De Kraamvogel, conference occupational physicians, KdG Hogeschool/ Berrefonds,…).



I strongly believe in the ‘law of attraction‘.

I energetically attract the clients that suit me best, and vice versa.

I have something to show them within the coaching process.

And surprisingly they also always show me something through their process.

Real magic happens every time! Fantastic.

Every month I really like to start 2 new clients with whom I can experience that magic.

Becoming a mother around midlife?/
Becoming a mother through sperm donation and/or egg donation?/
Want to experience motherhood to the fullest in combination with an intense career?

They are not main stream choices and they require thinking through, feeling through and… guts.
Because by choosing this, you also choose for yourself. And your own deepest desires. And that’s quite a thing, isn’t it.

I’d be happy to help you with this. Do you want to know if we are that magical match? I would like to get to know you in a free online match meeting.


Yes, let’s talk in a free match call.

I completed the best training.

Originally trained as an engineer, I became the driving force behind this coaching business

thanks to a great passion for what I do, my empathic power and what I learned in the best training:

  • Integral coaching Essentials (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Integral coaching Professional (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Professional certified coach (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Online coaching with impact (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Systemic coaching (Systo Hasselt)
  • From desire to expectation (UCLL, UZ Leuven, Fara)
  • Coaching women who suffered a miscarriage successfully in your coaching practice (Miriam Van Kreij)
  • Mental resilience coaching (Better minds at work)

Do you consider working with me?

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