Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived.

Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived.

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I am Viki Peeters.

I am very happy with my three men. Two of them are my sons.

The journey to this family bliss was long and hard.
It took me on paths that I never thought I would have to take. There were also a few cliff edges.

I often lost my way.
I could not see for the fog. And there was a maze of paths that caused stress when I had to make choices.

Sometimes I stumbled under the heavy load I carried.
I dragged it along with me everywhere.

The entire expedition did end in success.
Thanks to much searching and navigating.
Thanks to a lot of falling and getting up again.

My oldest son was born when I was  36 and the youngest when I was 42.
The mountain was well worth the climb.

I would do it again.
But I would do it differently.
Because I learned a lot on my journey.

It can be shorter and faster, with better chances of success, if you know the route.

It was – and is – the most instructive expedition of my entire life.

My vision: It is your life. Life it, now.

Wanting it all: a successful career and motherhood?
Becoming a mother around midlife?
Becoming a mother through sperm donation and/ or egg donation?

‘People’ may have a critical opinion about it.
But, it’s your life. Life it, now.

You can not rewind your biological clock; these years of your life are really worth their weight in gold in terms of your childwish.
Make your own decision, don’t let time make the decision for you.

This is the most impactful and irreversible decision you will ever make in your life.
With this decision you build the foundation for your future, the future of your child(ren) and that of you as a familiy.
So make it a sustainable foundation.
Reflect and féél, broaden your scope.

It is my mission to support you in

  • reinforcing your foundation.
  • broadening perspectives and eliminating blind spots, in your interest and your future child’s interest.
  • shortening your decision time.

I completed the best training.

Originally trained as an engineer, I became the driving force behind this coaching business

thanks to a great passion for what I do,

my empathic power and what I learned

in the best training:

  • Integral coaching Essentials (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Integral coaching Professional (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Professional certified coach (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Online coaching with impact (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Systemic coaching (Systo Hasselt)
  • From desire to expectation (UCLL, UZ Leuven, Fara)
  • Coaching women who suffered a miscarriage successfully in your coaching practice (Miriam Van Kreij)

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