About me

About me

Who am I?  




I am Viki Peeters.


I am very happy with my three men.

Two of them are my sons.


The journey to this family bliss was long and hard.

It took me on paths that I never thought I would have to take (a medical fertility programme, miscarriages and unexpected choices).

There were also a few cliff edges.


I often lost my way.

I could not see for the fog.

There was a maze of paths that caused stress when I had to make choices.


Sometimes I stumbled under the heavy load I carried. I dragged it along with me everywhere.


The entire expedition did end in success.

Thanks to much searching and navigating.

Thanks to a lot of falling and getting up again.


My oldest son was born when I was almost 36 and the youngest when I was 42.

The mountain was well worth the climb. I would do it again. But I would do it differently. Because I learned a lot on my journey.

It was – and is – the most instructive expedition of my entire life.


Why did I set up this coaching business?



I started my coaching business around the theme of wanting to have a child after I myself had followed a journey that was anything but obvious when forming a family.

I examine your choices together with you, having a great affinity for and crucial background knowledge about the theme wanting to have a child and yet, doing so in a neutral, non-influencing manner.

Time and time again, this is always very clarifying!

Originally trained as an engineer, I became the driving force behind this coaching business thanks to my own experience, a great passion for what I do and what I learned in the best training:

  • Integral coaching Essentials (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Integral coaching Professional (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Professional certified coach (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Online coaching with impact (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Systemic coaching (Systo Hasselt)
  • From desire to expectation (UCLL, UZ Leuven, Fara)
  • Coaching women who suffered a miscarriage successfully in your coaching practice (miskraambegeleiding.nl)


  As a coach, I am to-the-point and focus on change and action.

I am calm, down-to-earth, constructive and have a positive mindset. These are characteristics that are interwoven in my method of coaching.


I look forward to forming a team with you.

If you would like to know just how we could become a team, contact me for an introductory meeting with no obligations.



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