Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived

Hello, I am Viki.
My children have taught me a great deal,
even before they were conceived

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I am Viki, mother after many detours

Several years ago I was in similar shoes to yours. I was in my forties, a career-driven engineer and desperately hungry for another child.

My journey to my two wonderful sons has been a long and steep one.
It took me on paths I never thought I would have to take. There were also a few cliff edges.
Fertility treatments failed, I lost two babies during pregnancies and was labeled ‘further treatments are pointless’.

I navigated through a maze of paths.
I not only obtained second opinions, but decided to look beyond the standard treatments, also abroad.
I was faced with choices that my ratio, the engineer in me, could not make. But I also discovered that my down- to- earth, rational bolster contains a surprisingly intuitive, (highly) sensitive pit. And that I can and must listen to this feelings and intuition when making decisions. Even if this leads me to choices that are not conventional and I continue where others would stop.

The entire expedition finally ended successfully. I was 43 when I finished my story to have children as a mother of two.
The mountain was well worth climbing. I would do it again. I learned a lot on my journey. It was and is the most educational expedition of my life. My children taught me a lot even before they were conceived.

That is exactly what I do with my coaching program: save you the long and steep journey. And together make it a ‘walk in the park’ full of surrender and confidence.

More then an expert by experience

Women who want to have children need empathic guidance in their process. A guidance that encourages thinking and feeling through, so that they do not regret their decision later on, but above all that puts them in their full value! From which they make choices themselves and faster. So different from what they often get: a dry psychological screening that makes them small. From where others make decisions and what causes them to lose time.

THIS! This was the powerful stimulus that triggered me as an experience expert to eventually start as a fertility coach in 2017.

I completed a pithy path of the best courses in function of this.

  • Integral coaching Essentials (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Integral coaching Professional (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Professional certified coach (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Online coaching with impact (Yourcoach Ghent)
  • Systemic coaching (Systo Hasselt)
  • From desire to expectation (UCLL, UZ Leuven, Fara)
  • Guiding women who suffered a miscarriage successfully in your coaching practice (Miriam Van Kreij)

Mental resilience coaching (Better minds at work)In the meantime I guided about 200 women/couples from various countries.
I firmly put myself at #1 as an expert on this theme.
The media know where to find me for articles (Marie-Claire, Flair, Goed Feeling, Ad. NL, De Morgen). I write as an expert for well-known online platforms (Mama Baas), and I am allowed to speak for webinars, workshops, seminars (for fertility clinics abroad, European Fertility Society (My IVF Answers), congress of occupational physicians, KdG Hogeschool/Berrefonds,…).)


Becoming a mother around midlife?
Become a mother through sperm donation and/or egg donation?
Experiencing motherhood in combination with an intense career?
They are not mainstream choices and they require thinking, feeling and… guts. I know the feeling.

But once you dare to surrender to the possibilities and the process? That’s where the magic happens!

By choosing this, you also choose yourself. For your deepest desires. And that’s quite a thing, right?

I’d love to help you with this. Do you want to know if we are a match? I’d love to get to know you in a free online match conversation.

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