Are you a high achieving women, in her race against time to become a mother, and facing sperm or/ and egg donation?

Are you a high achieving women, in her race against time to become a mother, and facing sperm or/ and egg donation?

I designed my mentoring programmes especially for you!

You are a qualified professional woman, performing at high level.
You take ownership over your life, set goals in different life spheres and go for it.
You don’t seem to lack anything.
And yet…

There is this passionate and painful wish, starting to occupy your mind and emotions:
you want to become a mother (again), to take care of a(nother) child, give it all your deepest love.
Yes, you want it ALL: a nice career, but also being part of your own happy family.

But children seem to have been crowded out of your life so far.
It feels as a non- choice as you always assumed you would have children… once.
And now time is running out.  Maybe this is about your “last chance baby”.

You’ re not alone!

Research proves that the more successful you are as woman, the less likely it is that you have a child by the time you reach mid-life

Will you allow yourself to break out of this pattern?

Who is going to decide on your child wish: you or time?

Your desire to have a child is totally convinced and you feel time pressure.

Everywhere you look, you see women with pregnant bellies, glowing with happiness and the cutest babies, and each time it feels like a stab in your (maternal) heart.
You think of your next birthday or the new year with horror because that means another valuable year has gone by

You feel a great sense of urgency, hitting age ceilings:
your egg supply is slinking or/ and
you already had several failed fertility treatments/ pregnancy losses or/ and
you have no partner/…

So, you seem to be facing sperm donation and/ or egg donation.

And having a baby feels like a huge emotional and pratical challenge

You feel great anguish, ethical questions. Both from your perspective and your future child’s perspective.

Aren’t you crossing borders here, is what you are asking yourself.

Your great sense of responsibility and the critical thinker in you emerge.

You are hacking your way through a lot of complex questions.

Despite the time pressure, you keep going in mental circles and can no longer think clearly. This higly complex matter feels like a leep of faith.

This is what you are going to do!

  • stop losing more valuable time and take the major plunge.
  • come up with a plan, in whichever direction.
  • take excellent care of yourself so you are the one standing in this vital life project

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I took the plunge and made an appointment with a fertility clinic.

I kept waiting and waiting to fulfill my childwish. I am single and was wondering if I could handle this, especially in combination wit a busy job with irregular working hours. Moreover, I am strongly inclined to rationalize and to try to get things under control. Therefore I got completely stuck.

Throughout the coaching programma I learned to connect with my emotions and my desire. It got me out of my rational circle of thoughts. It helped met a lot that someone was guiding me in this and dared to ask me ‘hard’ questions,

Step by step, I let go of my inclination to take control. First in small things, but I’ll get there.

I dared to talk to my parents about my childwish and their supporting roll in this. This was a big and crucial step.

At the end of the coaching programme, I took the plunge and contacted a fertility clinic.

I wouldn’t have succeeded yet without the programme.

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