You would gladly trade your current life for a(nother) child

You would gladly trade your current life for a(nother) child

An unfulfilled desire for a child after forty?

As an ambitious woman, this is not what you chose. Contrary to what others often think.

Life has dictated this; it’s a harsh non-choice.

To the outside world, it looks like you have it all

You have a nice career, a lovely home… an exciting and seemingly perfect life.
But, that is far from how it feels to you.

You now feel that one burning desire: a (first or next) child!

The fear that it may not happen constantly gnaws at you, casting a shadow over all your other successes and joys in life.
It gradually undermines your sense of happiness, as well as your confidence, your ambitions, your flow. While you want to get everything out of life.


Your desire for a child seems like a maze of complicated and discouraging paths

You identify with one or more of the following points:

• After one or more failed fertility treatments and/or pregnancy losses, you feel discouraged. The waiting weeks are maddening, each time. After every negative test and loss, your world stops spinning.
• The step toward egg and/or sperm donation—whether as part of a couple or as a single woman—feels complex and overwhelming. Do you choose anonymous, identifiable, or known donors? In which country and fertility clinic can you find your desired options and values? How will it be for your child in the future?
• In your current fertility clinic, you feel like a number and patronized.
• You feel misunderstood and perhaps even judged for your supposedly “unnatural” choices.
• Your strong rational mind wants control, but this process is so uncertain. The critical, analytical thinker in you asks numerous questions and creates resistance.
• Your incessant stream of thoughts and the time pressure make you tense and sometimes desperate.
• You don’t have a partner or your partner doesn’t want a (another) child, making your desire for a child feel even more complicated.

Despite the challenges, you don’t want to let go of this last-chance baby dream.

Your heart aches at the thought of not being able to (once again) become a mother.
That’s why THIS is what you, as a straightforward woman over 40, have been waiting for: personalized top-notch guidance that makes a difference in your chances of pregnancy!


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Then everything started to shift

Through this coaching program, I dared to shine a light on my desire, which had been buried under many layers of fears and opinions.

The moment I envisioned egg donation as a gift I could give myself, everything started to shift.

Daniëlle (46)