Free match call
Let’s meet!

Free match call
Let’s meet!

This is YOU!

You are a decisive woman, successful in many spheres of your life.

But none of this can fill this emptiness you feel, this infulfilled desire: your child wish.

Your biological clock is exploding and you féél: it is now or never!

It looks like you might need sperm donation and/ or egg donation to fulfill your wish and this feels rather complex.

You prefer quality on all levels, not medium. So you are looking for the very best guidance to achieve a breakthrough in this!

This is ME!

I am Viki Peeters.

  • fertility coach ,professional certified coach, passionate about my profession
  • as an expert in in my topic featured in articles in the media (e.g. Goed Gevoel, Flair, Marie- Claire)
  • driven entrepreneur and happy mom of 2 gorgeous sons after an intense fertility process

I will be happy to use my expertise, knowledge and empathic power to bring you to a breakthrough.

Are we a match?

  • Each week, I plan 2 match calls.
  • We look at what exactly you get stuck on (emotionally/ practically/ legally). and how I can support you in this.
  • Do we both feel that we are a match? Then we start the 3 months VIP programme

How it goes practically.

  • Request your match call via the form with intake questions below.
  • I l’ll see if my offer of support is right for you and will contact you anyway within 2 working days.
  • If we plan a match call, we will connect at the time we agree, via videocall. The meeting will last 45 minutes.

Do we talk soon?

Yes, the 3 months VIP programme appeals to me and I would like to schedule a free online match call.