Free match call
Let’s meet!

Free match call
Let’s meet!

This is YOU!

You are a decisive woman, 40+, successful in many spheres of your life.

But still, this doesn’t feel like life that’s quite right for you.

You feel that you are at a tipping point.

You ask yourself existential life questions and want to urgently and thoroughly investigate your unfulfilled (next) wish for children.

It seems that you need sperm donation and/or egg donation to fulfill that deep wish. And that feels very complex.

You prefer quality on all levels, not medium. So you are looking for the very best guidance to achieve a breakthrough in this!

This is ME!

I am Viki Peeters.

  • fertility coach ,professional certified coach, passionate about my profession
  • as an expert in in my topic featured in articles in the media (e.g. Goed Gevoel, Flair, Marie- Claire)
  • driven entrepreneur and happy mom of 2 gorgeous sons after an intense fertility process

I will be happy to use my expertise, knowledge and empathic power to bring you to a breakthrough.

Are we a match?

  • Each week, I have space for 2 match calls.
  • We look at what exactly you get stuck on (emotionally/ practically/ legally). and how I can support you in this.
  • Do we both feel that we are a match? Then we start the 3+3 months premium programme

How it goes practically.

  • Request your match call via the form with intake questions below.
  • I l’ll see if my offer of support is right for you and will contact you anyway within 2 working days.
  • If we plan a match call, we will connect at the time we agree, via videocall. The meeting will last 45 minutes.

Do we talk soon?

I read the info about the 6 months premium programme and it appeals to me.

So yes, I would like to schedule a free online match call.