1:1 coaching module ’40+ and child wish’

1:1 coaching module ’40+ and child wish’

Whatever stage of your baby journey you are in right now  as a 40+ top woman: the emotions and the impact are not easy.

First you have to make life-defining decisions that are not mainstream, with all their judgments.

Then there is a real chance that you will need a stressful and uncertain medical fertility process to fulfill your big dream.

And finally, fears, doubts and remaining sadness can still play tricks on you during your precious pregnancy and motherhood.

Each stage brings its own challenges and requires a different approach. This is what you, as a straightforward 40+ woman, are waiting for: a top-notch guidance tailored to your situation!


This is the essence of the coaching module ’40+ and child wish’

With a deep dive of personal guidance, I help you to get out of the loop of worrying and emotions that hold you in their grip and that are so typical of the stage you are in right now.

Stage decision- making process 
Unblock your dilemma en save the most valuable time

You are getting stuck in a rational loop of thinking about your dilemma about wanting to have a child and are losing crucial time. Your biological clock is ticking mercilessly.

• Are you still fully committed to your desire to have a baby? Are you doing it based on the right reasons? Is it still appropriate at your age? Can you have it all, motherhood and your ambitions?
• Are you going to be a single mother? Are you going to keep waiting for a partner? Do you want and can you do it alone, in combination with a busy career?
• Your partner does not (no longer) want a child: do you choose your partner (and any bonus children) or your desire to have a child?
• Are you finally using the eggs you froze or not? It feels like now or never.
• Are you going to take the step towards egg and/or sperm donation? For this extremely complex dilemma, I would like to refer to my signature coaching module ‘egg and/or sperm donation’.


Stage fertility process 
Get back into that positive energy that allows you to receive your desire 

Emotional resilience and self-confidence are crucial if you want to succeed in your fertility journey. Statistically, your mental capacity is the greatest risk of dropping out of your fertility process and your desire to have children (which you do not want).

• You receive your treatment schedule. Start of the stimulation to hopefully enough of your own eggs or there is a donor or…: the process is really starting right now. Stress!
• The waiting weeks are maddening. You realize that you are not going to repeat this for years to come.
• Your pregnancy test is negative. Your world stops spinning. How much more disappointment can you handle?
• After several failed treatments, your heart sinks. How long will you keep going? How far will you go?
• You lose your baby during pregnancy after all. Heartbreaking. This baby was so precious.
• You feel misunderstood by your social environment, perhaps even blamed for your so- called “unnatural” choices. Sometimes you feel like you’re completely alone in this. How do you cope?
• How do you combine this fertility journey with your challenging job?


Stage finally pregnant/ mother 
Eliminate remaining fears 

And then your baby that you have been longing for is finally there! You are finally pregnant or your baby has been born. Yet you are not on cloud nine. To your great disappointment, you still feel fears and doubts. You therefore cannot enjoy 100% and grow firmly in your mother’s role.

• During your pregnancy you are constantly afraid that things will still go wrong. This feeling is even stronger if you lost a previous pregnancy. Do you still have confidence in your body?
• You are pregnant through egg and/or sperm donation. Now it is for real. It gives you many moments of panic. Was donor conception the right choice? And anonymity?
• During your entire process of wanting to have a child, you have often suppressed your emotions like trying to keep a ball under water: you feel the repercussions of the entire process.
• You doubt yourself as an ‘older’ mother, possibly also single, with a busy career.
• You have a child through egg and/or sperm donation. How do you ever explain this to him/her? When? Who are you telling it to?
• What if your child wants to look for the egg and/or sperm donor(s) later on? How do you deal with that and what is possible?

This is how it works

With one module I accompany you for 2 months on your bumpy journey to 40+ motherhood. Whatever stage you are in. During that period I am your sidekick continuously.


 1:1 coaching module ’40+ and child wish’

 2 months


individual coaching session- live or video call (3 x 90 min.)

1 final session- online (1 x 30 min.)

We dive into your struggle during 3 in- depth sessions an 1 final session. We schedule these 4 sessions, over a period of 2 months.Don’t expect dry conversations. We get to work with tough reflection questions and coaching tools to by pass you ratio and go to your feelings and subconsiousness. For example an enlightening family constellation.

Set of inspiration sheets, with my personal feedback

The module is not just a series of separate sessions. You will receive inspiration sheets with in-depth exercises that you can use in between sessions.I choose those sheets very strategically and selectively, tailored to what you really need.I analyze your outcome in advance.Because of what we do in between the sessions, we start each session with a big head start and explore more thorougly.

7/7 Whatsapp-/ E- mail support

I am not only there for you during the 4 sessions, there is much more. Are you having questions or a difficult moment, do you want to ask feedback about the in- depth exercises?… I will be there continuously for 2 months as a mentor and sparring partner.

Send me a WhatsApp message or e- mail and I will answer you within a day.
This is your safe harbour where you can always go with everything.


EXTRA : your possible partner can participate at no extra cost 

As a couple you choose whether you participate together or alone. The cost is the same.
If you have a known donor, he/ she is more than welcome too.


Have you entered a new stage? Or do you want to spar again?… You can purchase this coaching module multiple times. Or you can combine this coaching module with my coaching module ‘egg and/or sperm donation’ or ‘IVF/ IUI abroad’

You are not alone in this

This is what this coaching module gives you:

  • You always have a coach and sounding board by your side.
  • You save the most valuable time when making vital decisions that your support 100%.
  • You shift your focus from doubts, fears and control to confidence and desire. You come back into a powerful positive energy, which allows you to receive your wish.
  • Your future child does not have to carry any remaining fears and sorrows for you. If you are fine, your child is fine.
  • You see new perspectives again, you can move on. Emotionally you feel peace, relief.

I work with a maximum of 10 women (with or without a partner) at the same time on their greatest soul desire. This way you get my full time and attention, both during and in between our meetings.

This 2-month 1:1 coaching module ’40+ and desire to have children’ costs 1050 euros.

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