1:1 coaching programme “Baby at 40+: from Desire to Reality”
Significantly increased chances of pregnancy through the power of aligned choices, mindset, and energy

1:1 coaching programme “Baby at 40+: from Desire to Reality”
Significantly increased chances of pregnancy through the power of aligned choices, mindset, and energy

Your missing link to having a baby at 40+

You’re 40+ and racing against time to become a mother. On the outside, everyone sees a powerhouse woman who has everything her heart desires, but you feel the pain and longing for a (first or next) child.

The availability of healthy eggs is crucial, and medical support, possibly with egg or double donation, may be necessary.

But there’s more! The real magic happens when you also step into a powerful, positive mindset and energy! In that energy:

  • You (re)discover enthusiastic excitement about your desire for a child
  • You see concrete perspectives and dare to look forward with confidence
  • A huge weight is lifted off your shoulders

Phew! Yessssss!

This is the winning combination

Medical guidance + energy/mindset = baby at 40+

No baby without also addressing that second part, and that happens to be my expertise!

Here’s what we’ll do

  • Feel and visualize your soul’s desire for a child
  • Turn around the bullshit load of negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns
  • Make decisions about your desire for a child (fertility treatment, egg and/or sperm donation, solo motherhood, surrogacy, etc.) that you can fully own
  • Broaden your view and don’t go along with options that don’t feel right
  • Find your path in the international world of fertility that feels spot-on
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift you and consciously choose clinics, sperm banks, doctors, and donors you feel connected with
  • Cultivate a deep belief in your ability to get pregnant, despite the challenges

Phew! Yesssssss!

Why This Really Works

Everything is energy, including your thoughts and emotions. When you get into that ‘high vibe‘ where your desire for a child aligns, resistance disappears, and you feel excitement again about your desire for a child, you become a magnet for your desire!

Many client stories, prove this. It’s also my own experience: despite being labeled ‘out of treatment options,’ I had two children.

There’s nothing airy-fairy about it. I’m the most down-to-earth person you’ll meet (with an engineering degree ;)). It’s pure quantum physics. High energy attracts high energy.

Are you ready to embrace that vibe and make your baby dream come true?

Increase your chances of pregnancy with a proven coaching programme

This is the most specific coaching program for women 40+ in Belgium and the Netherlands: personalized, to-the-point, and goal-oriented.



 1:1 coaching programme

“Baby at 40+: from Desire to Reality”

3 months ALL in


4 in- depth personalised sessions- live or video callThese are far from dry talk sessions. I challenge you with thought-provoking reflection questions and exercises that help you bypass your rational thinking and dive deep into your feelings and subconscious. Set of reflection sheets + my personal feedbackBetween sessions, you receive reflection documents with exercises and indispensable information, strategically selected so you only invest time in things that truly help you move forward. I thoroughly review your outcomes for each session, allowing us to start with an advantage and quickly reach deeper layers that might otherwise remain untouched.
7/7 Whatsapp-/ E- mail supportIFeeling a difficult moment, have a question…? I’m available by WhatsApp 7/7 to respond within a day and provide a safe space for a quick sparring session. 


audio recording visualization exercise

This visualization exercise gives a major shift in just 20 minutes. You can listen to it whenever you need to feel that powerful energy flow again.

your possible partner can participate at no extra investment

Are you part of a couple? You choose whether you follow together or alone. The investment remains the same. Also if you have a known donor, they are more than welcome.



Your energy is the magic to get pregnant

This is what this coaching programme gives you:

  • Pregnancy chances: Significantly increase your chances through mindset, energy, and aligned choices
  • Child wish expert: A high level sparring partner who supports you every step of the way
  • Time and energy saving: No exhausting search for options that feel right; I know the fertility world inside out and guide you with love
  • Future child’s happiness: If you stand positively and confidently in this process now, your child won’t need to carry unresolved grief later.

I guide a maximum of 10 women (with or without a partner) at a time about their greatest soul desire, so you get my undivided attention and energy.

The investment for this coaching programme is €1695.

Do you feel that this triggers you? Then let’s meet online in a free online match call.

Yesssss, I want that free match call

Then everything started to shift

Through this coaching program, I dared to shine a light on my desire, which had been buried under many layers of fears and opinions.

The moment I envisioned egg donation as a gift I could give myself, everything started to shift.

Daniëlle (46)