General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Article 1- General

These general terms and conditions apply to the agreement that has been concluded between the client and Viki Peeters.

Article 2- Realisation and duration of the agreement

The agreement between the client and Viki Peeters shall be realised after the invitation to pay has been accepted by payment of the amount into the account number given. The agreement is valid until the termination of the entire support programme – in other words, until all hours of the programme have been used.


The agreement shall be deemed to be terminated by the client:
– If the payment term of the invoice as well as the subsequent payment reminder is exceeded;
– If the client does not show up for two scheduled sessions (save for force majeure) without having moved the sessions in a timely fashion;
– If, within the two weeks after a session for which the client did not show, the client does not contact Viki Peeters to make a new appointment.


Article 3- Implementation of the agreement

The agreement that has been drawn up is an obligation to perform to the best of one’s ability, not an obligation of result. Viki Peeters shall provide the support offer according to the arrangement made with the client. She shall facilitate and monitor the support process.

Viki Peeters’ support offer focuses on personal development. It is supplemental to and not a replacement for therapeutic and medical assistance.

The client is expected to actively participate.

The time of the sessions shall be determined in mutual consultation by mail or verbally. With the later, the client will receive a confirming email with the exact time and location of the appointment.

Article 4- Payment

After the client has made her intention to follow the support programme known, she will receive an invitation to pay for the full amount or for the first instalment, as agreed.

After receiving payment, the client shall receive an invoice for the amount paid with the notification that the amount has been paid.

For the second instalment (if applicable), the client will receive an invoice immediately at the times specified in the agreement, which can be paid into the account number given.

Invoices must be paid within the payment term specified on the invoice. Invoices must be sent to the email address submitted by the client.
If, at any given time, the client has not paid the payment invitation or the invoice, Viki Peeters is entitled to suspend the support until she has received the payment agreed on.

The travelling and accommodation costs that the client incurs with respect to the support programme are not included in the price and are at the expense of the client.

Registering any complaints does not suspend the payment term.

Article 5- Cancellation/rescheduling

The client may request a scheduled individual session to be moved to a later date as long as that request is made by email to Viki Peeters, via, at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the scheduled session.

Sessions that have not been rescheduled in a timely fashion or for which the client does not appear without having rescheduled them shall lapse.

The client undertakes to be present at each session in a timely fashion. If the client arrives too late, Viki Peeters is nevertheless entitled to restrict the session to the original ending time.

Article 6- Confidentiality and personal data

Viki Peeters is required to observe strict confidentiality of confidential information provided by the client.

The client grants Viki Peeters permission to include her name and address in a client database to inform the client about the (other) services of Viki Peeters. Viki Peeters will stop providing this information after the client has deregistered.

Article 7- Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights to the support programme, workshops and all products that are provided to the client in the framework of the agreement – methods, workbook, checklists, etc. – are held by Viki Peeters exclusively.

The information, methods and products provided by Viki Peeters are provided exclusively for the use of the client herself for the purpose for which they were provided.

The client is not entitled to publish, reproduce or notify third parties of this information, these methods or products or parts thereof whether or not for payment.

In case of attribution of Viki Peeters, the client is not entitled to remove it.

The provisions of this article shall remain in place after the termination of this agreement.

Article 8- Complaints

Any remarks with respect to the invoice must be reported to Viki Peeters by email via within 7 days after the invoice has been sent.

Any complaints about the services rendered must be communicated in writing to Viki Peeters by sending an email to within 7 days after the service or part thereof about which there is a complaint.

After this period, the service shall be deemed to have been accepted.

Article 9- Legal disputes

The agreement between the client and Viki Peeters is governed by Belgian law exclusively.

Only the Court of First Instance in Antwerp has jurisdiction in any disputes.