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[magazines] Goed Gevoel en Nina (HLN)- januari 2022:
“De geboortetrends van 2022.”

Being pregnant, giving birth and going home. This is the norm for years already. But parents find it more and more important to take control, and this involves new trends.

This (Dutch) article in Goed Gevoel is about those new trends and about new professions coming from this.

In this article I tell how I, as a fertility coach, contribute to ‘taking control’ in the process of having a baby. (see page 20).

This article was also published in the online Nina (HLN).


Read the article here

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[magazine] Flair- november 2021:
“Single en klaar voor een kind”

Your biological clock is ticking, but the right love partner is missing. Do you choose to be a single mom or not? When do you know if you are really ready for single motherhood? With which doubts and questions are you still struggling?

In this (Dutch) article in Flair I give advice to single intended mothers (see page 72).


Read the article here

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[magazine] Marie Claire- april 2021:
“Single en een grote kinderwens? Dit zijn jouw opties in tijden van Corona.”

The Corona crisis is threatening the wish for a family with kids of women with a loud biological clock. While the world came to a standstill, many of them worry: “Will this crisis cost me a family and a future as a mother?”.


In this (Dutch) article of Marie Claire, I explain what the options are for single intended mothers.


Read the article here

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[online magazine] Mama Baas- several articles

Mama Baas is the online magazine about parenting, with stories of parents and advice of experts.

I regularly write (Dutch) articles as an expert about the topic ‘childwish’.


Read my latest article here

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[boek] Zwanger worden- september 2018
“De impact van vruchtbaarheidsbehandelingen op je werk”

Lannoo published a complete elementary book about getting pregnant: from natural conception to fertility problems.

In the chapter about informing your employer, I tell a part of my own story.


Read my contribution to the book here

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